The most effective method to Ship a Domestic Package 
Delivery a bundle to a local location with is fast and simple. 
In the event that you are an E-Commerce Shipper, sending numerous bundles multi day, we recommend investigating ORDERS, our intense yet simple to utilize E-Commerce shipping highlight. 
Here's the ticket: 
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Video Tutorial 
Well ordered 
1. Select the Mail tab. 
2. In the Print On drop down menu select what you will print on: Plain paper or an assortment of glue shipping names. 
3. Enter a Mail To Address or tap the Mail To connection to open your Contacts list. Certified Mail Labels and Envelopes's Certified Mail Labels and Envelopes make sending Certified Mail simple. If it's not too much trouble look at the changed marks and envelopes accessible and pick those most appropriate for your necessities. All are accessible in the store. 
Ensured Mail with Return Receipt Envelope (SDC-3810) 
Our simplest alternative, this envelope is immaculate when mailing things that fit into a #11 or littler envelope. Print postage, Proof of Mailing receipt, Return Receipt or Restricted Delivery in one stage, overlay and seal the envelope, and you're finished. 
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Ensured Mail with Return Receipt Labels (SDC-3910) 
Our most adaptable alternative, this shape is impeccable when mailing an extensive envelope or level. Print postage, Mailing receipt, Return Receipt and Restricted Delivery in one stage, and apply the names to the envelope. 
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Affirmed Mail Labels (SDC-361…